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July 14, 2009

Blank slate

Welcome to my first post on the Olivia Garden blog. I have high hopes of maintaining this blog and filling it with anecdotes, pictures and lessons learned from my garden-related experiences. "Blank slate" not only applies to the start of this blog, but to the start of my new garden. Both spaces are wide open, offer loads of potential and carry the burden of labor. 

I recently left my first garden, which wasn't easy. Our family relocated to a bigger house and bigger lot with the idea of more room to grow - both in family and horticulture. We loved our first home and garden. I felt totally free to experiment and play with design inside and out. My husband and I got our hands dirty, as the majority of the work was DIY. We've learned a lot, and I have learned the value in hiring helping hands. With the combination of tighter work schedules and a toddler, I'm applying the Murtaugh List (I'm too old for this stuff) to doing all the heavy lifting and digging. 

So stay tuned to see what unfolds.