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July 21, 2009

blogs, blogs, and more blogs

Aside from tending to/being dragged down by a tired two-year-old, I've been sucked into so many great blogs today. Most focus on design. A few are local (yeah, sources!). And a couple mention garden design and outdoor living. Let me share:

Houses Gardens People (dallasdecor.com)

We had a nice break from the heat the last few days. Cloudy mornings are great for sleeping in. We definitely appreciated the rain too. But I still need to figure out why there are crevices in soil under the fence. Argh.  

Oh, I test painted a dark teel blue on large cards for my office. Not so much. Think I'll stick with shades of chocolate. Maybe I'll work up the guts for a lighter gray blue in the bedroom. Still want to paint the office ceiling dark chocolate brown. Thoughts? Opinions? Send 'em.

July 19, 2009

Photography in the garden

Garden photography combine both of my passions. Getting it right is a challenge for both the photographer and the garden designer. When both are on, it's brilliant. Even without perfection, the results are usually pretty decent. So keeping an eye on the finalists for International Garden Photographer of the Year will prove pretty interesting. The National Trust in England and Wales even offers workshops and advice to those whom enter. Pretty decent of them.