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April 09, 2012

Easter Bunny

Hoppy Easter! Here's a quick pic of one of the seven bunnies in strawberries.

Bunny, bunny, bunny

They've grown quickly. Now I need to clean out the plants and soil of this raised bed this weekend. My hubby jokes it's now a superfund site. Ick. My friend reminded me these are just cute rats and not to be so accommodating.

April 07, 2012

Gardening in the Hill Country

My hubby and I leant a hand in my parents' garden this weekend. I got the easy job of planting a few small containers in some raised beds. Only a little bit of gravel/rock hunting needed.

My hubby helped my dad attempt to remove a dwarf Pampas grass. Two bent and broken shovels later, the majority of the grass is still intact. This shovel did not live up to its Rigid name.

FYI: I do not recommend Pampas Grass. The center, as with many grasses, dies out, and becomes a fire hazard. Not good in a drought-stricken area, plagued by wildfires last year. Getting these grasses out isn't simple. Although, I have witnessed successful removal using tow chains and a truck.

March 29, 2012

Bunny bizness, part 2

This is what the dog found when sniffing around in the kitchen garden, right under the parsley. Damn it, rabbit!

There are at least six kits by my count. Hoping mamma is not one of the three recent casualties (think the hawks got 'em). No wonder we have so many rabbits around here.

Guess I won't be replanting this veggie bed anytime soon. Could be worse - so glad it's not a rat nest!!!

Bunny bizness

My parsley is starting to bolt. It really loved the cool rainy weather of our non-winter. But maybe it is extra happy thanks to some recent fertilizer.