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May 05, 2010

Trying to beat the heat

The garden is really starting to take shape as the plants are all awake and are starting to feel at home. Today I started my morning by springing out of bed to plant my new coral bark Japanese maple outside my dining room window (before the heat arrived and the boy awoke). A very nice gentleman from Shades of Green nursery delivered it in the rain on Monday evening. Now it's in the ground (which wasn't too difficult since I double-dug and prepped the bed over the weekend), and I no longer have to worry about this pretty little tree taking a walk to someone else's yard.

I hope to have pictures of the new tree and my adventures with Andrew playing in puddles and chasing rainbows uploaded soon.

On the horizon: selecting a fence company to start the boundaries for my highly anticipated (by just me) kitchen garden. Happened to find this article, which fits in nicely with my imagined plans.