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September 01, 2009

Tree sale

Bought more plants, trees actually. Finally the tree sale is on and I took advantage. In addition to the 5 trees already purchased, I got 2 'Teddy Bear' Magnolias and 1 'Possum Haw' holly. The holly has a great vase shape already. Hope it will have lots of winter berries. It's a cultivar (cutting) from a female plant, so it should. There are a few buds on the magnolias too, but I may not get to see them since I don't plan to take possession of all my pretties until later in October.

The boy and I worked up an appetite from all the tree hunting. So we brunched at IHOP. FYI: you can totally order chocolate chip pancakes without raising an eyebrow when you are sitting with a two-year-old.