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July 10, 2010

Fence is done!

My long-awaited fence is finally done. While I'm very happy with the construction, I'm more than happy I was able to micro-manage the details and overall construction. If you are spending a good chunk of money and want a very specific design, it pays to be present on-site. Of course, as in any project, a few tweaks had to be made for various reasons. But the overall all look is very close to my original sketch.

before, existing fence w/east exposure

scalloped picket fence to replace existing fence

matching the sketch perfectly, so relieved

new fence elevation, 20' in front of previous fence line

we ended up with more few more details than the sketch, looks even better than I hoped!

Japanese Maple

Long ago I promised to post a shot of my new Japanese maple, the last tree added to the garden. Unfortunately, it's getting a little burnt with the summer sun. But it's not too bad yet.

before, double-dug bed

after, centered as best as possible

note the pretty "coral bark" and limey green leaves, very spring, huh?

Word a Day

My new gardening word today, wending. Learned it in this recent and insightful post from Saxon Holt via Gardening Gone Wild.

Wend: to go in a specific direction slowly or through an indirect route, to wind. From Old English wendan, of Germanic origin.

My gardening dilemma of the last few weeks (since my fence project has now been completed), how much shall the flow of my garden wend from the new entry (new gate) to the existing path? I am unsure if the chi (energy) at the new entry can be slowed, especially with two gates & matching arbors directing it toward the path. Probably shouldn't fight it.