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September 25, 2009

Getting ready to git 'er done

I'm getting excited. If everything goes as planned, all the foundation prep and planting may be done this coming Tuesday! Of course this is all on the landscaper, whom I found working down the street a couple of days ago. But let me start over . . . .

Landscape plan drawn? Yes (about 30 different times, but I'm finally sticking to one). HOA application for moving fence and creating and adding to garden beds and planting plan? Approved. City permit for fence? Approved.

To do: Rent trailer. Borrow wheelbarrow and tiller from R.Y. Buy all the raw materials for bed prep: 80 bags of compost, 80 bags of mulch, 8 - 10 bags of green sand, 5 - 10 bags of expanded shale (which is very expensive!), approx. 250 feet of composite edging. Haul it home and unload. Whew. That sounds exhausting. Figure out what to do with sprinkler heads and lines in the way of new trees. Dig? Then cross my fingers on Tuesday. Hoping the trees arrive in good shape and the landscaper shows.

BYW, it is really hard to rely upon and watch other people work when you are a control freak.