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August 05, 2011

Reports from Death Valley

Ok, it only feels like Death Valley. Much of the country is stuck in the oven, but I don't expect to be done with our "heat wave" until mid-September. I'm just praying/hoping for fall rains. The state really needs it.

We've been lucky here in our neck of the woods, no severe water restrictions yet. Happy to report that our lawn is still green and most of the plants are fine. My 'Little Rascal' hollies are brown and crunchy. I think this ongoing heat is just too much for most of the hollies. Even the 'Sky Pencil' hollies from the builder, which should be established by now (watered on a drip system), are looking a bit yellow on the bottom (I think it's heat induced chlorosis). Now I'm really appreciating native plantings and those Yaupon Hollies around the area. Think some will be making their way into my landscape. Wonder how my old garden, full of xeriscape stuff, is fairing.

Have also seen reports we could be starting our fall tomato plantings now, but I'm holding off. I don't want to plant anything, let alone water anything more.