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May 10, 2010

Georgetown stroll

Since I get to visit central Texas regularly, I often visit the historic square in Georgetown. There are several interesting old buildings and some good antique shops. Check out the details on these old metal stair risers.

On a recent walk, I discovered this beautiful little church, which was relocated near the square. The simple, geometric detailing on the windows and gate intrigued me (especially since I've been planning my new fence and gate).

I'm happy to announce my new fence and gate are on order. Yeah! I've been looking forward to extending the side yard to create an enclosure for my portager. The contractor, Cisco Fencing, has been selected and the start date is in early June. Cannot wait. There are lots of details planned, including a beautiful scrolled iron window cutout in the gate so nosey neighbors (like me) can get a peek into the garden.

Actually, two fences are being built. First is the facade with the main gate - the garden's main entrance. Second is the sweeping reverse-arch picket fence with an arbor over the half gate. Of course this fence is being constructed to support the Red Cascade roses (which I bought this past weekend). But it will also be the dividing structure between the portager garden and the garden pathway. And it will also keep the dog and children out of the tender veggie plots, in theory.